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Frequently Asked Questions!?!

You’re looking at it! All our services are provided online via a HIPAA compliant secure service called TheraNest. We just figure if you’re going to talk about hard stuff, you should get to do it in your pajamas.

Telehealth (or therapy online) gives both providers and client(s) freedom to engage in therapy from anywhere at any time. This dramatically increases access to counseling. Think about…counseling after you get the kids in bed…in your pajamas from your couch!? You’re welcome!

Yes. 100% YES. You can rest assured that your confidentiality will be strictly maintained.

Believe me. This is simple stuff. If you can work a smart phone(ish), we can walk you through the rest. You can engage in therapy with us via computer via the web, or mobile phone/tablet via the TheraNest App. It’s super easy – promise!

Good news: We’ll answer them, no sweat. We have email. And phones. We’ll figure it out together. 😉

We do not file or submit billing for insurance. If you would like to request reimbursement for services from your insurance company, we are are happy to provide you with the appropriate documentation to do so. If the documentation requested is cumbersome or requires more than 30 minutes to create, clients will be billed at $60/hour for the therapist’s time to create documentation.